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OK, so I'm suing TU....

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Guess I'm gonna have to march on down to the courthouse on Monday and file a small claims case against TU.. they didn't respond to my ITS letter, and well, I've never been one to roll over, so it makes for a bad combination :p.

Anyhow, was wondering if anyone out there had any case history with regards to people suing TU over not investigating following their infamous "We don't investigate from the credit repair agency you're not using but we're going to say you're using because we're too lazy to do our jobs" letter.

I tried to just hunt down an attorney to handle all this for me, as the legal forum is really not my spot, but alas, Nashville does not have ONE attorney that has quantifiable experience in credit law(though ironically enough, I found 4 that specialize in getting me a hunting permit if I ever decide to start hunting and get turned down for one.. what a state).

Also, wanted to make sure I file under the proper statute.. this would be an FCRA 611 Part A(1) violation, right?

Gods.. I was really hoping to avoid having to do this but ah well.. maybe it'll be a good learning experience for future reference :p

Hmmmm what else.. um..

Ah! This is what I figured I'd be taking into court. ANything else I'm forgetting?:

Green cards from all letters sent

Copies of all letters sent

Copy of CR

Copy of applicable law


Bottle of Guinness Extra Stout for the judge

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