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TU listing hard inquiries


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Just got off the phone with TU.

Me: I ordered my 3-1 report from Equifax and it's listed as Intersections, Inc and as a hard inquiry- it shouldn't be. Please remove asap.

Ms. TU: We can't do that. Anytime you order anything from anyone else than TU or online, it counts against you.

Me: This is not true, at least not legally. What do you mean with anything online?

Ms. TU: Well, if you order your report on the phone with us, it will not be counted against you but if you order it from our website, it will show as though you are applying for credit.

Me: What kind of credit would I possibly apply for at TU?

Ms. TU: Well, we have different divisions that offer various types of loans. Besides, we're not obligated to send you a copy any other way than via mail, that's in the FCRA.

Me: Well, I think I'll have Mr. Don Richmond show me that verse in the FCRA. Thank you for your help.

Does anyone know of this section?????

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This is what I can find in the FCRA. They are lying. If available, and requested by customer, the credit bureaus can make it in other ways than writing. It says nothing about mail.

610. Conditions and form of disclosure to consumers [15 U.S.C. § 1681h]

(a) In general.

(1) Proper identification. A consumer reporting agency shall require, as a condition of making the disclosures required under section 609 [§ 1681g], that the consumer furnish proper identification.

(2) Disclosure in writing. Except as provided in subsection (B), the disclosures required to be made under section 609 [§ 1681g] shall be provided under that section in writing.

(B) Other forms of disclosure.

(1) In general. If authorized by a consumer, a consumer reporting agency may make the disclosures required under 609 [§ 1681g]

(A) other than in writing; and

(B) in such form as may be

(i) specified by the consumer in accordance with paragraph (2); and

(ii) available from the agency.

(2) Form. A consumer may specify pursuant to paragraph (1) that disclosures under section 609 [§ 1681g] shall be made

(A) in person, upon the appearance of the consumer at the place of business of the consumer reporting agency where disclosures are regularly provided, during normal business hours, and on reasonable notice;

(B) by telephone, if the consumer has made a written request for disclosure by telephone;

© by electronic means, if available from the agency; or

(D) by any other reasonable means that is available from the agency.

Also, them putting hard inquiries is BS. It's against the law under the permissable purpose.

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I have not been successful with TU. I have not been able to receive an online report because I have been blocked out twice!

I disputed via their e-mail and the question was not answered but they e-mailed back that the matter must have been resolved because they have not heard from me. What's the deal? Should I just go the usps route or try one more time online?

Also they charged my credit card twice for the requested report. Whe I dsiputed this, they did a refund for both charges of $9.00 not one..Duh

It's really frustrating. The other two CRA's...no problem. I have read in several threads that TU may possibly be the most difficult. I'm curious about what they have in my report!

Any suggestions on this one? Thanks

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