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Woohoo, got me some evidence(I think?)

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Let it never be said that my chickie's passive nature and chronic procrastination to fix problems does not lend way to good results sometimes :).

You guys all know by now(if you read my posts) that I'm suing TU for not investigating disputes after sending me the "we don't investigate from credit repair agencies" letter. Well, my bustier half had signed up for that ClearCredit thing some time ago to get a free credit report(and subsequently fell victim to their "dispute bombing" to the tune of.. well.. a lot of money). I kept telling her to cancel it, but she kept putting it off, putting it off.

Well, as it turns out, TU has DELETED some tradelines from her CR after ClearCredit did their disputes to TU, and I'm pretty sure we've got the paperwork to prove it(still have to make sure we've got an old copy of her CR laying around). Oh the irony.. her USING a credit repair agency and getting results; me not using one, and being denied investigations under the guise of me using one.

Think this is worthy of putting before the judge when I head into court? Sure strikes me as suspicious and more than a little hypocritical.. but then again, I've never been one to really understand what works and what doesn't in a legal setting.

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Xanathos1: "Your Honor, I would like to submit evidence TU does accept disputes from credit repair companies"

TU: "Objection"

Xanathos1: "Goes to credibility, your Honor. They say they don't do that, and I have evidence they do"

Can you tell I've seen too many Law & Order episodes.

I would use it. It clearly shows a contradiction in their practices.

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