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CALAWYER HELP, ??? Game Plan when CA'S can't VALIDATE

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I'm about to go on my quest to DV CA's, I'm trying to avoid running into some of these CA'S stonewalling me. After tons of reading and a the discusion BELOW(link... you can read it after it all boiled down to the 5 steps below). I've come up the following game plan.

1. DV

2. 2ND DV



5. ITS -> threaten fedral court not small claims ...... threaten to hand case to an attorney..... Then ask attorney can you please sue these guys and throw a few hundred bucks my way, ... by the way I applied for a loan and I'm getting charged an exorbitant rate due to these idiots, will you take my case on contingency?

If I were to take this route do you think I could find an attorney to take my case???

Even with this much blatent evidence, I hear it can be difficult to win in small claims, so....

..... Where would I stand if I were to have all the above evidince and NO proof that they could validate my OBLIGATION to a bill being reported on my CR.???

Here is the link where we cooked up this plan, I don't think it is necessary for you to read it but I included it for reference,

BTW if you have time would would appreciate any comments in the thread below!!!


Thanks in advanced.

.. Edited for clarity

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<blockquote>Originally posted by calawyer

If you are going to threaten a lawsuit, keep it ambiguous. Just threaten to sue---don't say where. Always write your letters in such a way as to keep your options open. And don't make a threat unless you intend to follow through.


So you are saying this is a good game plan right???

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