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Can I skip the whole thing and just sue EQ?

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I wasn't planning on being mean with them, but I just had the WORST phone rep.. now I wanna nail em.

Short summary: Round 1 disputes finished up, lots deleted.. 1(From Sherman Acquisitions for a whole $48) was reinserted on the 2nd of June. It's been 3 weeks now, and I've not been notified that it has been reinserted(A violation of FCRA 611). I just called and said "Hey, you guys didn't notify me within 5 days, knock that tradeline off my report". She was most unwilling, and kept trying to pressure me into disputing it all over again.

Now, do I have to send them a letter letting them know they violated, and they are required to remove the tradeline, and then give them a chance to do so? Or can I just run down to the courthouse again, hand over another 65 bucks, and sue EQ for not notifying me within 5 days, and try for a quick thousand bucks?

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Calmly and logically write out your dispute showing the reports where it was deleted and then reinserted without the 5-day. Make sure you quote the report numbers so they can track it. Add the FCRA Section about reinsertion and wait. I guarantee they have print out on these things. When I went to court against them, I SAW them. Their rep even told the judge EXACTLY how many times I had contacted them!

After you write it, email it to one of the EQ Consumer Affairs managers such as Robin, Lanette, Vicki or Maynard.


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