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Two things: Judgment removed, how to handle another

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I had a judgment by Citibank removed, but they still verify the account. Since thejudgment was removed, would I be opening up a can of worms if I send a letter of validation? I remember the attorney sent me a signature document when I disputed his initial contact. He received judgment on that. Should I contact CITI for full validation?

Second, I have this other alleged debt that was bought by a company called First Resolution Management in Seattle and Vancouver. They filed suit, I asked for validation, the attorney twice sent me a partial accounting of some statements. They sent nothing bearing my signature. They continue to update my reports adding more to the balance monthly. They have not gotten a judgement. On Friday, I filed a countersuit for all the violations (duplicate entries, failure to validate, adding to another report, etc. Four in all). I also filed suit against the attorney for failure to validate and asking for money.

How should I proceed with this.

Also, sorry one last thing. I sent a letter to Sears asking for validation, they turned around and sold the account and reported that. Should I go full steam ahead and continue to dispute?

Thanks for reading. I have gotten results prior to finding this board. My Equifax score was 475. It is now 581. My TU score went from 550 in February to 623. My Experian score went from 566 in February to 624 currently.

I have had two judgments removed, and at least 8 accounts. The last three are OCs that continue to "verify". I am having trouble with them. Any suggestions?


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