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OK, I'll post my results as they come in


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My reports:

Nothing has come in regarding my disputes yet. EXP and EQ received 12/2, TU 12/3. Everything still pending.

Oh, I got my "if you're using a credit repair company" letter from TU.

DH's reports:

1 deletion from EXP (chargeoff). :D

1 "settled for less than full amount" verified :(

1 late pay verified :(

TU gave themselves 15 more days for no apparent reason. :eek:

EQ everything still pending.

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Most of our results are in:

TU was good to :)

Basically, if we asked for it to be gone on TU........ it's GONE! I didn't ask for enough, I guess ;-)

EQ verified one collection - for a parking ticket my DH got. HUH??? How do they figure that's joint??? They still have one chargeoff under investigation (so what if it's past the 30 days, right?) but everything else is gone.

EQ still has all of DH's stuff under investigation, the investigation status page says that it should be done on the 6th (past the 30 days, too)

EXP removed 1 collection and 1 chargeoff for me, and 1 chargeoff for DH, verified the rest.


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