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WhoooHoooo! in the 600 Club!


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I still have items pending on EQ and EX. 2 collection accts that the CAs atty said will be deleted, so I am waiting on score increase when they leave. BK's are still pending on those as well. However, in the meantime, EX deleted 3 collection accts and 30 day late on Chrysler.

TU deleted BK7 and all collections and all hard inquiries!

My scores are:

EQ - 672

EX - 601

TU - 638

Thank you everyone!!!!

On the 10th I will pay off my credit card balances which should jack up my scores some more since they are 90% utilized.

Hooray!!! :D :D

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<blockquote>Originally posted by SCMom



EX just deleted both my BK7 and BK13!!!! But, get this---- only worth 1 point!


Glad they removed them for you, but it should have been worth a lot more than 1 point! A new collection was added on EX and my score went from 674 to 615 - DOWN 59 points immediately!!!


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