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My DV results so far


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On dec 6th, 2002, I sent out six request for validations. Of those original six, four were deleted with no problem. Just my first 30 day letter, then my second notice demanding immediate removal or further action. Regarding the other two, one of the collection companies sent me the contract from the original creditor, however the contract(a lease agreement) does not state that the lease can be assigned to a debt collection agency for payment. so, I sent the CRA that they report to a request for deletion. The last collection was not answered, so I also sent a request to the CRA for immediate deletion.

Now, Im working on my paid collections/paid charge-off accounts. I sent a nutcase letter to three companies demanding that they remove those accounts and I have paid in full/paid as agreed letters from all three when I made arrangements to pay them off.. I sent 30 day letters to those companies on Jan 24, and if I dont hear back from them by Feb 24, I will send out a second notice for immediate removal.

Once I get all of those worked out, I will have two original creditor charge-offs from 1999 left. I will wait until the statue of limitations (four years in Texas) passes and then I will offer those companies 25% of the money owed for immediate removal. Ill keep you guys informed.

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Good statement kenrb01!!!! that is exactly what I was thinking. Those credit cards were charged off 3 and 1/2 years ago, so the threat of suing me at this stage is probably not going to happen. So, when the four year anniversary month comes around, I will offer the charged-off creditors one-fourth of what they charged off as repayment, but they will have to delete the charge-offs complete from my credit records.

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:D:) :) well gang, MY CHOD results were very succesful. I was able to get every single collection account, paid collection and every charge off except one off of all three of my reports. Im currently working on that last charge-off and hopefully, it will get deleted also.

I started the process on December 6th and most of the collections were deleted with the first letter I sent out. I had to send out second notices on three collections and only one collection account "validated" the debt, but it was 60 days after I sent my original request to them and I got it deleted.

I did a mix of letters and online disputes to get everything removed. I couldnt believe how simple this process is. All it takes is time and patience! The law is on our side and I certainly used it to my advantage. If I had known about this a year or so ago, I would be in great credit shape.

Trans Union and Equifax cleared everything that I disputed, or the collection agency removed the listing after I sent them my letters. Experian is running a little slower, but I purchased the trial period of experians credit watch and saw that most of the collections I disputed were gone! I also purchased the trial version to privacyguard, which notified me of a collection that was placed on my account and I immediately disputed it also.

My credit scores have not jumped up to reflect the deletion of all the collections and charge offs, but I think I need a few months for my credit to "marinade" as I am now making ontime payments to all my creditors. My credit situation is a whole lot clearer, as well as that of my wife. We are not going to apply for any new credit for at least another six months so our credit scores can catch up.

Thanks for the tips everyone. We couldnt have done it without you!!!!!!!

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<blockquote>Originally posted by kenrb01

The statute of limitations is 4 years in Texas meaning that you have an absolute defense if you are sued over the debt after that time. The charge off can remain on your credit report up to 7 years. Vonfore is saying he will use that as leverage to negotiate with creditor to have it removed from credit report in exchange for percentage of original amount owed. If they don't negotiate, they get nothing. You would then still be able to dispute through other methods with cra.

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How can you find out what the statute of limitations is in other states?

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It just took time and patience. I wasnt responsible with my credit, even though I was making good money. Just like my girl Susie Orman says, it took you time to run up the credit, so it will take time to get rid of it also. Just like everyone else, when we first found this website, we wanted to get all of our deliquent credit deleted right then! but, we know there is a process. I followed that process the whole way thru.

1) I ordered all three copies of my credit reports (Experian, Equifax and Trans Union)

2) Once I got them, I looked them over and I highlighted everything that was a collection, paid collection, paid charge off or charge off

3) anything that had six months or less before the seven year peroid of last activity was over with, I left alone. No use in trying to fight those. I had two of those, one due to come off in February on TU, which it did, and one due to come off in May on Equifax, which is already off also.

4) everything else, I highlighted and made a list of the companies and who they reported to.

I started with the basic letter I found on this website....sent everything out certified mail and waited..within two weeks, I got replys back from collection agency saying that they were going to remove the deletion.....a couple of others sent me letters saying the debt was valid...then, I had to play hardball.

I wrote return letters saying the collection company was in violation of the FDPCA paragraphs 804, 805 and 809.... Paragraph 804 states that a collection agency cannot collect on a debt that you do not owe them.....another collection company tried to quote me a lawsuit about verification of debt, but I printed the entire lawsuit out and highlighted the "smoking gun" part for them..lol.....basically what they tried to tell me was bull and I had the entire lawsuit to back me up.....needless to say, the collection companies pulled the collections off my credit....that all happened within the first month and a half

after that, I got to work on the paid collection/paid charge-off stuff...when I paid those accounts, I actually had letters from the collection companies saying they were going to pull the account from my credit, but never did, and if I didnt have a letter, I was acting as if I did....I had to send out second notices after four of the companies never got back to me, then 45 days after I sent the request with no answer, I wrote the bureaus and request deletion for failure to validate....and all four of those paid collections came right off after the bureaus did their investigations.

I sent everything certified mail. I didnt really need the return receipt, because with the certified or registered mail, you can get the delivery confirmation right off the USPS website. I made copies of everything I sent. One for me and one for the credit bureaus who the company was reporting to, just in case I had to sent them the proof. If a company reported to all three, I made four copies....

once I didnt hear back from the company after I sent them a second notice, I wrote a failure to validate letter to the respective credit agency, sent copies of all my delivery confirmation and previous letters and the rest is credit history!!!!!!!

Now, Im working on the charge-off thats left and waiting for my scores to go up, way up!!!!

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Add my congratulations too!

It is very inspiring to hear such success :)

Do you really like Susie Orman? :confused:

Thanks for the step by step guide. Should be quite helpful to us who are still working it out


Anyway woohoo to you!! :upsidown:

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