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TU Results of First Round


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Hi guys!

I disputed 3 items on my credit report via telephone and received the standard letter 5 days later.

The next communication I received was a copy of my updated report...They deleted 2 of the items :) . the third one, a paid judgement is expected to automatically fall off in August 2003 :( . Anything I can do to remove this or just wait it out? :notsure: .

I also disputed with EX on line haven't heard but will follow up with CMRR to reinforce my 30-days.

Thanks for all your support ;)

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Hey kb,

Sorry for the long wait to respond :( . I am doing okay but will take your advice and wait it out for this paid judgement.

JCPenney will remove the one 30-day late pay as a result of my good will letter :)

Thanks again for the response...btw, how do you like my rose...it's my first attempt :notsure: .

Haven't found one as cute as your panda :D Love the way she flips over :upsidown:

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