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Getting unverified from OC removed?


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recently noticed that Cingular Wireless had listed a $95 debt as a charged off account on my credit. I had the credit bureau "verify" it and when they did, I called Cingular, they too said I owed the money so I paid it using a credit card. (I know, I know) I realize now I should have made them verify it to me with copies of original documentation.

Over a month ago, I sent Cingular Wireless a certified, return receipt letter and asked them to provide me with copies of documents which prove that I had this account with them, and proof of the validity of the debt within 30 days. I received the receipt signed by a Cingular employee but it has been more than thirty days, and they have not replied to my letter and request for documentation.

May I send the CRA's who are including this charge off on my credit a copy of my letter to the creditor, a copy of the return receipt and request that they remove the derogatory information, since the creditor cannot or will not provide me with proof that I owed this debt? I am less concerned with the $95 dollars than I am about the charge off showing on my credit report.



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