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CCC - Getting OUT!


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I have terminated my 3 year arrangement with CCCS. I have decided to take my last 4 debts and pay them on my own. I did this once I discovered that CCCS was reporting to the Credit Bureaus that those accounts were being "MANAGED" by CCCS. I have recently been told by Citibank that they will report to the Credit Bureau for the next 7 years that this account was once "MANAGED" by CCCS even though I did not declare bankruptcy, I was never late, I always paid more than the min. payment even when I was in CCCS, and even though I am paying more than the min. payment right now on time. I don't get it. I should of just filed for bankruptcy. Does anyone know if they can continue to report the consumer to the Credit Bureau even though they are no longer with the CCCS?

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