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ccs fort lauderdale fl.


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my husband and i decided to sign up for debt management back in feb 2002. we chose

consolidated credit counseling services, inc.

fort lauderdale fl. out of the 9 credit cards there are 2 accts. that are

in a single card holder name, mine. statements arrived to my

home and calls have been made to these creditors in regards to late

fees and deliquency; to find out that as of july 16 2002 there was

never a proposal submitted to these creditors and an invalid social

security # had been submitted. i feel that this should have been

brought to my attention immediately and therefore should not be held

responsible for this error. where do i stand in this situation?

consolidated credit couseling services claim they submitted this info to creditors;

creditors claim they never recieved it. do i need to

check everything cccs is doing? is it possible the cc is pulling one over

on me

does anyone have any info on credit counseling services, inc. fort lauderdale fl.?

i went with them with the advice of 2 friends :confused:

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yes we did, they check out good with bbb.

thank you we will look into the nfcc. we didn't see them when we did our search on the internet.

we want to make good on all our debts and avoid bk.

my husband had the best credit before all of this is. can we rebulid it after this?

he had a wage cut at work has a great education would love to move on but he says this would hurt his chances getting another job. is this true?

thank you again.


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Do be careful with CCS . They have a tendency to keep money after some accounts have been paid in full. They carefully hide the money so it's hard for you to find unless you're really paying attention. I quit CCS after about 8 months because they did this to me. Just watch them. Just so you know though, mine was not FtL. Mine was Orlando.

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