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I'm glad I discovered this site, it's very helpful.

Here is my problem: Almost a year ago I was in a desparate situation and signed up with Amerix. I was in the dark at the time, but now I am learning that I should have never done that. My credit report shows many late payments and it was during the time that I started with Amerix. My credit is bad right now because I have so many accounts that are "closed by credit grantor", or listed as "consumer credit counseling." My credit was not "bad" before I joined Amerix, I was just overwhelemed. So, I am considering getting out of Amerix and just paying the creditors on my own, but I got a letter from one of the credit card companies saying that if I ever leave the consumer credit counseling program that my interest rates will go back up.

I am just confused and frustrated, and have so many regrets about the choices I have made. Now I never make late payments, and am very focused on good financial health. It just seems that my choice to go into credit counseling screwed me. UGH! Is there anything I can do? :confused::(

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