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I tried AMERIDEBT...


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I am a formal client of Ameridebt and I had nothing but bad experiences with them. I canceld the service just last month becouse I still get calls from my creditors saying that they have not recieved a payment for a month and others have not recieved a payment for 2 or three months and I am always on time with my payments, infact I have paid over the amount that they required on atleast half of the time. I asked Ameridebt to send me reciepts or documents of some kind showing proof that they have been paying my creditors, I wrote them that letter in Sep its now Jan and still nothing. I write and no response for months, when I call them I get a voice recorder or an oporator that has no idea, so I leave messages after messages and nothing. I want my money back now but I guess we will see being there SOOOOOOO busy to return my phone calls or letters. Oh and by the way...... Your first payment to Ameridebt (mine was $340 a month) does not go towards your creditors, and dont expect Ameridebt to tell you that, they sure didnt tell me. So if you decide to use Ameridebt or any other debt consolidation company ask alot of questions and be carefull. In my OPINION Ameridebt is a scam and I would not be surprised if most of those companies are to. Good Luck and Happy New Year... :)

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I helped a friend pull a report today and he had all these crazy credit cards with varying balances that he was not aware of. he told me that he did ameridebt and thought these were all gone. he also said that his friend did ameridebt and each card had like 5 dollars give or take left on them or something but no one sent him a letter/statement nothing and he didnt' know to check his report... so like 4 years later he has all this new interest that kept boiling over on them... isn't that nuts?

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1st, if any of these companies don;t have link on their page to the "Better Business Bureau", run like hell.

A lot of them are "tele-marketers" that soak you for months fee and your car co won accept the deal they offer you.

Go to www.federatedfinancial.org. They have a bbb link, and ask to talk wih Shwan Martin, an honest person who may tell you their firm cannot help you, as the card co will not accept them, in some cases.

these card companies DO HAVE a :hardship" dept, and a "cccs dept."

Hardship, will stop your over-limit fees, lat cahrges etc, but ONLY IF threatened with bankruptcy. (otherwise deaf ears)

YIu should threaten them with bankruptcy, because of the ruin they are bringing to yur life with over-limit fess, rasied interest, that will drive you into br.

Call your card co and talk with a persone, not a computer (by pushing 0 after yu give card number) and tell the person yu are considering bankruptcy and want to tald with hardship dept, and or cccs dept.

ccs dept will set you up in a program like Ameridebt. It may be internal, or they may have yiu call an external firm. But it one they recommend wnd will co-operate with.

this is what i did with mbna, one of notorious one's out there, and I certaily started with bankrubtcy, Unless we could strike a deal. they listened.

They set me uo with "Take Charge America" (like ameridebt) and what was $426 a month is now $311, and no more fees and interest reduced to under 18% and pays off in 4-5 yrs.

At Take Charge America, talk with Chris.

At federatedfinancial.org, talk with Shawn Martin.

You are being exploited and the threat of bankruptcy is all they will listen to. But they will now certainly listen.

Take Charge America -you have to include ALL your charge cards. But bear in mind, your card co MAY NOT accept the deal you make with these firms, unless they themselves send you to one. Get it?

Negotiate for yourself. Call your card co-"Hardship and cccs departments." Remember the magic word. BR.

AL Lyman


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