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Re-finance hinging on Ameridebt... Advice & Info needed.


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I sold my soul to Ameridebt a few years ago. However, in Feb of 2001 I sent them certified mail requesting to be taken off of their EFT (electronic funds transfer) program and telling them I no longer would be using their services as I was going to pay off my debts myself (and yes, I notified my bank that the EFT's were no longer authorized by me). I had received a large amount of money and was able to pay off the credit cards almost immediately.

Since then I was able to restore my credit to a decent level and even purchase a house. Now I'm trying to re-finance, but there's a small problem - my credit report still shows that I am in CCC. So I called Ameridebt, and after playing phone tag with the automated menu's did get to talk to a live person (who admitted her only job was 'to answer the phones - I'm not allowed to do anything else'). Turns out that even though I sent 2 letters (one certified) all what they did was take me off the EFT and they still have me enrolled in their program.

So I asked her to please send me a fax ASAP stating I was out of the program. She said she would be sure to leave my request for the appropriate department and would even write "urgent" on it (how kind). Anyways, my re-finance is completely stalled until I get something in writing from Ameridebt saying I am no longer with them. Yes, I've given the lenders copies of my final statements showing I owe nothing with the creditors, and even copies of my letters to Ameridebt and the certified letter receipt... but none are willing to underwrite my re-finance without that letter.

I guess I'm asking if this is a realistic request. Has anyone ever received that type of letter from Ameridebt (or any ccc)? If so, does it say that it's paid in full or just that I "dropped out" or what? Will this letter, if it should ever exist, help or hurt my chances for a re-finance even more?? Just looking for some answers....

Any info or advice on what I can do in addition to this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Ameridebt is no good, I have had many bad experiences with them and from what I can see here, I am not the only one. I wouldnt even waist my breath with them if I were you. I would just try to deal with the credit agencies and get the ccc taken off thtough them. Try validating your credit reports and it should be easily taken care of for you. It might take the thirty days but it will probobly be faster then waiting for Ameridebt.

Good Luck......

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