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What can I do?


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Have approximately $125,000 in credit card debt, are way behind on payments, and I do not have money to make any payments.

We own a home, present annual household income is approximately $100,000.

Located your site yesterday by accident, thank goodness, while searching for information about another company stating they could show us how to eliminate debt but when paperwork arrived, there was a lot they hadn't told us and others members on your site have posted questions about this organization and it was rather obvious it was not the thing to do to help situation in any way.

This has happened with other debt negotiation companies we have contacted throughout the year and am aware they want the money and don't help or represent you in any way with the creditors to whom money is owed.

This situation has been going on for over an entire year and the bills are getting higher, can't pay them, creditors are starting to call and we need help desperately as soon they will be taking us to court.

Although we own a home, we don't want to use the equity for payment of credit card bills as it then becomes a secured debt and everyone has said that is something that should not be done as it is a bad decision and you never get out from under it.

We really need to move as there is a daily four hour commute but can we get a mortgage? One car has to be replaced(is is 15 years old)but can we get a car loan? Our mortgage and taxes have been paid on time as well as the car lease but all other expenses have had to be juggled and have been unable to make minimum payments on credit cards. We have also depleted savings account, 401K, and literally do not have cash on hand nor can we borrow it from others.

Before this we had an excellent rating but due problems encountered we had no control over, it is bad and we are at a loss as to what to do. We certainly don't want to file bankruptcy but need help.

Any recommendations, suggestions, personal experiences, welcomed and hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.



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