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Is there a good company out there?


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I've read the posts and heard the talk from people who had bad experiences with debt consolidation companies, but haven't heard anyone who had any positive experiences with one. Who would you recommend? Any success stories? Looking to finding a credible consolidation company.

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Hello Serzak. In response to your posting. Yes, there is an excellent company that has an excellent track record and is doing some wonderful things for consumers all across the US, but unfortunately it is NOT a consolidation company. We specialize in debt elimination by negotiation.

I am an independent debt specialist with a company called Universal Debt Reduction. I help people on a daily basis eliminate their unsecured debt with our various programs.

It's unfortunate that so many are having nightmarish experiences with companies that are NOT looking out for the clients' best interest. That makes it very difficult for those of us who truly are consumer advocates, looking out for the best interest of those who can benefit greatly from what we have to offer. Now, not everyone that we talk to qualifies for our programs, but for those who do, they truly see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our focus is eliminating our clients' debt as soon as possible, so that they can get on with their lives without the worry and stress that debt can produce.

I invite you to look at our website www.universaldr.com and see for yourself the company that is truly on track to be the Gold standard of the Debt Elimination industry. I am proud to be associated with such a fine company and I'm doing my best to get the word out and show that there REALLY is a company out there that cares.

Please contact me via email if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time,

Paul D.MacFarland Jr.

Independent Debt Specialist

Universal Debt Reduction



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Ask for Shawn Martin and you get honesty.

I did, and her org couldnt even help me-but I was told what to do.

They have a link on their homepage to the Better Business Bureau.

Otherwise if yiu deal with the "tele-maeketers" they will soak you for a months fee and your card co has the right to refuse "their deal" and yiu stll get your credit card bill.

Credit card companies DO HAVE a hardship dept and a "cccs" dept, where when "THREATENED" with bankruptcy, they WILL negotiate yiu over-limit fees away and reduce your interest, and/or send to a debt program they WILL deal with.

YOur sttelment will be internal, or external, depending in what you decide to accept.

In case yo have mbna, just tell person (to talk with a person, hit 0 after you give yur card number) you ae considering bankruptcy and want to talk with "hardship" dpt, or cccs dept. Get it?

Inquire of "Take Charge America" and talk with Chris. 1-877-357-6309.

Tele-markerters don't care if they cant help you. They will tell you they can and soak you good.

Remember "Better Business Bureau" link on their page, or leave them-dam fast.

Remember the magic word with your card co. BR. or let's make a deal.

My deal, I negotiated myself, stopped all ove-limit fees, reduced interest to under 18%, pays off in 4-5 yrs, and my payment save me $110 a mont, compared to what I wa paying, and they will not or cannot drive me to br. But that option is the only thing they will listen too.

AL Lyman :)

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