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I was ready to use one of these debt reduction firms, and all ove-limit fees would be stopped and all my card payments reduced by $150 a month.

the I was told by another they couldnt help me because mbna (notorious) could refuse the program and I would would be soaked for what money I has sent to this firm that claimed they could help.

The one that that told they couldnt, help asvised me check them out with the better business bureau, and also gave me phone numbers to deal with mbna myself and to ceratinly threaten them with bankruptcy.

Mbna has a dept called "in-house-hardship and they lowered my interest to under 18% and stopped all over-limit fees.

They (mbna threatened with bankruptcy) also told of a fiem they would eal with and this is their cccs dept. Here, they negotiate even better.

All my overr limit fees are stopped, and I have a program that will pay of the cards in 4 yrs, but you have to include ALL your charge cards. (the soaking firm was leaving one out)

When yu call mbna and enter your card #, just hit "0" to get a real person and ask to speak with the hardship dept, as yu are considering bankruptcy.

Then all the info begins to flow like you want.

Mbna will now have you call one of these reductions firms, like Ameridebt, that they will co-operate with and recommend, and have dealt yourself.

Mbna cccs dept number is 888-800-5420.

the firm that mbna recommends is "Take Charge America"

I now pay $110 less a month, no fees added anymore, and pay off in 4.6 yrs.

You can pay extra at anytime.

So forget these firms, that are mostly tele-maekting firms, and always check them out with better bus etc. They are at www.bbb.org

Take charge yourselt and eal with your card Co. Mban, citibank, Nest card etc-the bad guys.

AL Lyman :)

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