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They are garnishing husbands wages

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:stress: :tired: :urgh: I do not know where to start???Ok (this may be long) I had surgery in Oct of "99" , I had a gallbladder attack which had to be removed (4 days before our health insurance was active) any way I told the hosp. about my insurance problem.they said don't worry aboutit after pumping with pain medication told me ,I needed this procedure that was going to be done. Anyway when I went to the doctors for my check up he told me it could have waited 4 days,Well $15,000.00 dollars later it was to late. After making attempts to pay ,it got sent into collections and then judgement and now garnishing my husbands wages, who works for the county and makes not much more than that yearly. I have no idea what to do about this???????IS THERE ANYTHING!!!?????? Another thing I had a car repo in 1990, all the sudden I recieved a letter stating they are going to garnish my wages????Oh on the first story I was a stay home mom thats why they went after my husband....HELP :confused:

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Is there a judgement on the Repo? I would start there trying to find out what exactly

has been done with that. If there is no judgement for the repo you should start

preventative measures to protect your credit

rating and look up the Statue of Limitations

for your state. You can find it on this site.

If it is expired they cannot sue you and they

are in violation of FDCPA by telling you they

can garnish without a judgement. Read up on Validation, there is a wealth of info here on

the site. If I were you I would start by pulling your credit reports from all 3 major


Since I don't know much about judgements only the little I have read, I can't advise in that respect.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the info the sol for my state is 6 years I do not ever remember being served for the repo. When I got served papers for the medical I did sign but they were addressed to my husband.Thanks again!!!!!! My husband and I have bought a house 4 years ago and then home equity last year, the judgement should have showed up there Right????? :rolleyes::(

This site is wonderful I know I'll be on my way to get help I need :)

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