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Judgement without notifiying you

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Please forgive me in advanced. I am new to all this and I've been reading the boards but I can't seem to find examples of my situation.

If there is a judgement filed against you do they have to notify you legally?

Are Creditors allowed to file a satisfied judgement AFTER you pay the account balance in full?


Edited to say: I just read another thread that I believe answers my question. Neither my husband or myself was ever served with any paperwork. He was never even notified that he was going to be sued. I will contact the courthouse Monday! Thanks so much for all the good info on this site!

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Thanks so much. What I don't understand is why would they do this AFTER my husband paid the balance. He paid the balance in 01/2001 and the judgement was filed in 02/2001. This is all affecting me becuase of marriage laws although I had nothing to do with this :mad: But good news for us is we were NEVER served so hopefully we get it removed due to this loophole. thanks a million, now I gotta go buy the book!

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