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FTC/State Atty General

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Well, I received an email from my Attorney General's office referencing a complaint I had filed against Equifax after asking the FTC to help: "By contacting the FTC, you contacted the appropriate government agency to review concerns involving the FCRA. The full text of the FCRA is available at www.ftc.gov/os/statues/fcra."..."While this office cannot by law provide you with specific legal advice in this matter, you may wish to review the provisions of the FCRA under 611, 616, 617. If you wish to file a complaint against a credit reporting agency or creditor, you may do so thru the FTC, and at the state level through ...."

Ok, here's the problem. I contacted the FTC about equifiax not removing unverifiable entries on my report. I was told by them that CA's can take a minimum of 6 months to verify and as long as they continue to report the item as disputed by consumner, I have no recourse, that it could stay on there indefinite. So, I then contacted my state attorney generals office, and as you can see, they won't help either. I'm beginning to believe that Florida is not a consumer friendly state. :mad: So, I've written, and written, and sent off another letter to the CRA's and the CA's today awaiting for replies. These jerks just don't want to play. Anyone have any advice, pleeeeeeease? Am stuck now.

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:mad: No they are CA friendly. That is why the worst of the CA's are based in Miami (Medclr-Innovision-etc). I complained to the Fla AG and was told that since I do not reside in FL, I am SOL. I complained to the BBB and after multiple letters from the BBB, NCO-Medclr's attorney responded with rubbish.

I feel your pain..

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Same here. I have filed compaints with the BBB also. There replies have been, "we have submitted your complaints to the company and are awaiting replies....." yea,yea, yea, I think I shall move from the state in about 2 years. So We can't get help from our FTC, BBB, or State Atty General. Now where shall we go?

You know, though, I must say, I filed a complaint with the Fl Dept of Banking and Finance, they have been very helpful, at least on the surface, and are attepting to help get this one CA off my back.

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The problem with the BBB is that the company you are complaining about has to care whether they have a bad reputation. I don't think most of the CAs give a flying f*** what the BBB thinks.

I am having some luck filing complaints with the BBB, well, not exactly luck, but at least now some of the companies I complained about are looking into the matter instead of just ignoring me. The thing is though, these weren't CAs; I filed complaints about the big boys, B of A, Chrysler Financial, Fleet, Ford Motor Credit, etc. They like to at least give the appearance of caring what consumers think.

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Me too. The BBB contacted one of he many names this particular CA has offices in and the CA or whoever gave the BBB the run around about whom I am complaining about. I didn't expect any help with the BBB but what the heck, I gave it a shot.

In any case the idiot didn't show up for the court appearance and my case was dismissed. I think it was because the CA is not licensed in Florida. If it isn’t the CA with the name and address I complained about to the BBB then whoever it is just ain’t got a license to collect in this state.

Either way, he loses.

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Your are right, however, I need all the documentation I can once I officially contact the FTC about these idiots. So far, I've received replies from the BBB, "we have contacted Asset Acceptance, and we give them 10 days to reply,...." That's ok. Once I contact the FTC about their illegal collections practices in FL, not having a license, then I shall sue and have the FTC on their back too. We shall see ;)

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The Florida Attorney Generals Office ('Bob' Butterworth) is a pro collection agency state.

I assure you, if you would have pursued the matter with that office, someone there would have 'scolded' you for bothering them, and for you to "pay your bills". Other Florida government agencies that should regulate these businesses are no better.

That is why so many collection agencies and related businesses get away with it in this state, more so than other states.

Now that some of us know this, what about some kind of action or mass complaint to the federal government about Florida's treatment of consumers in such issues.

One thing I do know of this state:

If it becomes national news, the state government offices become shamed into taking actions. Happens everytime, with every major issue in this state.

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Hi Joe,

You've got that right. Florida definitely is not pro-consumer. I'm still waiting for the FTC to reply to one of my complaints. They told me they had 45 days to reply, and then I'm told there's an extension because they are investigating. As for the Atty General, well, very nasty after I called back for other questions, etc. Telling me to contact the FTC.

Also, Fl has discontinued their department of consumer protection (so I've been told) and at least I know they have here in this county. So we are again at the mercy of a government agency that is "not required" to give an answer and can only reach voice mail and prompts. Do you by chance know what state is Pro-consumer. I think I shall move there in a couple of years. I hear Washington state is pretty good, maybe Colorado? :notsure:

I agree, we should all file suit. Let me know, and I shall join in. :upsidown:

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Oddly enough, 'Right to Work States', such as Florida, are very reluctant to take action against any company.

New York State, California, Illonois and Minnesota do take action against feral CA's and related businesses.

Especially Minnesota. This past year, the Minnesota State Attorney Generals Office fined and/or gave notice to 43 CA's for illegal and feral practices against the public.

Perhaps, if more people file complaints with the FTC (and don't let anyone discourage you from doing so), as well as sending letters to the media, such as '60 Minutes; '20/20'; 'Dateline NBC'; 'Frontline'; the New York Times; the Los Angeles Times; the Wall Street Jornal; Time Magazine; U.S. News and Consumer Reports.

Let them know that the State of Florida does not enforce, nor follow the established laws protecting consumers, effecting consumers throughout the U.S. Be sure to write and send copies of all the correspondence you received from the government employees (especially their names as well) and agencies they represent.

If enough people write to these news magazines

and organizations, I will wager you that if enough people write in, with the same stories, the same names of government employees who were negative towards you, and the same CA's involved, a common thread will be noticed. A media investigation would be started.

Again, one thing I know of this state:

They take action when the state is nationaly embarressed by the national media into doing so.

(*Note: I left out Florida Media - they 'cooperate' with state 'policy' as well)

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One thing I wish to state and make clear (if I may).

From other postings on this site, I understand that CA representatives and/or their employees may be viewing this site:

Many employees of these CA's are unaware of the statutes governing credit and debt collections.

All they know is what they are told by the owners and the management of these CA companies. Nothing will be in writing.

When the owners are apprehended in illegal activities, they blame the employees who called you.

The owners/management state that the

employee '...misinterpreted the information given to them and that the employee operated inapproprietly...'

The employee is subsiquently repremanded and/or fired.

In other words, the employee is the fall guy, left saying 'but I was told...but...but...'

And, judging from public experiences, documentation and research, some of these CA employees actually enjoy being feral. They feel a sence of power in their anonimity.

These words have been used to descibe terrorist psychology.

To be fair, there are those in that industry who are honest, and law abiding - there must be.

These are the ones who should come forward and express the truth to the public and law enforcement.

Sure, a debt can be collected, but not in any shape or form of terrorisim.

After all, many in the public lost their employmemt, were injured, or experienced other tragedies. Many, many of these people try, and do make good their debts - without being terrorized.

FYI: Two weeks ago, I had to testify in a civil court case (no, not a debt case, nor an issue against me).

In the court house waiting area was a well dressed fellow who was acting very nervously and erratically, getting in and out of waiting area seats, pacing up and down.

While I was waiting, I was 'shooting the breeze' with a court bailiff I know. He was keeping an eye on this nervous fellow.

We later learned that the nervous fellow was a manager of a debt collection agency being sued.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by emetibu

My problem is with Asset Acceptance - I lived in Florida for 22 years - and is where the debt they are trying to collect originated.

Question is now that I live in California - can I contact the Calif Attorney General or is this just an issue with Florida?


Are they contacting you in CA?

If they are, you can contact the AG in CA :)

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Asset is nasty, nasty, nasty. They are going after me for a meesley 121.00 on one collection and 600.00 on another (of course the add interest and legal fees). I can't believe it, except they I pissed them off (I guess, hahha) :notsure: . Good luck with Asset.

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