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Being sued need help

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I live in Kentucky an have been dealing with a collection agency and now attorneys office for 5 1/2 years. I just recived in the mail today a request for Interrogatries. This was due to a car wreck and I saw a Chriopractor, my pip claim was used up but he, (Dr.) wanted to wait and see what the settlement was from the accident, so I never payed him anything. He sent it to a collection agncy after the lawsuit was won by the opposing side. Ater that he sent it to a collection agency and then an Attorney. I had not heard a thing out of the attorney's office for a year and then they send me ths request for Interrogatoreis but it has no date to which they have to been sent in. It looks like alot of babble to me. How many years can this go on and what in the world am I suppose to do, to finally get this off my back? You would think the attorney would be costing more than the debt. The debt is $2570.00. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. :(

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