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Letter from Lawyer

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In June I sent a validation letter to a CA that listed three different medical collections on my CR. They did send a computer print out on two of the accounts. They also sent several bills. The end of August brought another bill, with four accounts listed (name of med. facility), no acct. numbers, and amounts. The letter also said I had five days to review with my attorney. Within the five days I sent another letter, again mentioning the disputed accounts (which they never put in dispute and verified with CRA) and disputed the listing of the four accounts with no account numbers. I also mentioned that the SOL on the three accounts listed on the credit report are up. The letter from the attorney came within five days of the CA signing for my letter. It is on the attorney's letterhead, the address is the same as the CA, he has lumped all the four of the accounts listed in their August letter together under one medical facility (it is really three different ones). And gave me five days to pay. I did check on line and this lawyer has a public record of disipline. How would you respond??

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