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FDCPA Court Cases - click here

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This is an awesome site for finding case law decided for the different sections of the FDCPA. Unfortunately it doesn't provide the links for the cases but most of the appelate decisions can be found by searching on google. I.e. Russell v. Equifax returns the case as the first item.


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<blockquote>Originally posted by herauntsis

Look, Swede, I learned how to make links! I am almost into the 21st century now. :D


LOL that reminded me of "I have made fire". I'm very proud of you ;)

I bet the reason we don't see them behind you is because you are WAY smarter than them. It was worth a shot though.

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What about these? Take a look:

These cases are familiar to most of you but still...

1). Jones v. Federated Financial Reserve Corporation

2). Nelson v. Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation


3). http://laws.lp.findlaw.com/dc/015202a.html

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