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general Garnishment

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Ok i copied the following from another website do i understand this right that in Pa wages cannot be garnished...


Interest Rate

Legal: 6%

Judgment: 6%

Statute of Limitations (in years)

Open Acct.: 4

Written Contract: 4

Domestic Judgment: 5 (writ of revival within 5 yrs.)

-Lien against real estate: 5 (writ of revival within 5 yrs to maintain current lien position for another 5 yr period.

If not revived in the 5 yr period judgment continues to act as a lien against real estate

but will lose its priority position compared to other judicial lien creditors.)

-Personal property Ex: 20 yrs.

Foreign Judgment: 4

Bad Check Laws (civil penalty)


General Garnishment Exemptions

100%of wages, certain pensions, retirement accounts & Keogh plans and $300.

Thank you to Mr. Charles J. Vollmer, Vollmer, Rulong & Keating, P.C., Pittsburgh, PA

for updating the Summary of Collection Laws for Pennsylvania

in the 2002-2003 edition of The National List of Attorneys.

Collection Agency Bond & License

Not Required


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