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Hi all. I have a friend I have been helping via this board correcting errors on her credit report.

The latest problem is she is listed as co-maker on a student loan that according to her divorce papers is the ex-husbands responsibility. This is causing a few problems.

1. Debt ratio much higher than it should be.

2. He has been late. 1 (30) 1(60) and 1(90)which appear on her credit report.

3. She has never received late notices on this loan from Wells Fargo

4 His father is now listed by Wells Fargo on the loan and is making the payment.

According to Wells Fargo regardless if the Divorce decree states that the loan is now his responsibility she entered into the agreement prior to the divorce and will remain co-maker unless he refinances.

Any Suggestions


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Try to contact the creditor to request your relationship to this account to be terminated, mention that you have been seperated from her 3 years and can provide copy of the divorce to prove this - also that you don't feel you should be reponsible for this account since she is the only party charging and paying. And that if they don't remove you - you are giving them official notice that you will not be held responsible for this account what so ever. Send this by letter also certified mail.

You may even add statment to your credit report, something to the affect that the creditor continues to report account that belongs to ex-spouse which you no longer participate in.

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