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divorced 9 yrs ago- still liable?

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I divorced my ex-husband over nine years ago and have had no contact with him since. In April, I was denied credit because of a then-$8,000 (and growing by 19.9%each month)delinquent Discover card debt from a joint account opened in 1988. I didn't know the card was still open. In fact, I have not physically possessed a Discover Card since our separation ten years ago! Per Discover, the account was dormant for seven years, until the current balance was created by two balance transfers from my ex's individual credit accounts this past March and April. I closed the account and recently mailed letters to FDIC and four other such entities seeking assistance. Meanwhile, ex is a mess- has not worked for a year, is supposedly threatening bankruptcy, has been in rehab, yet is still heavy into substance abuse. I do not have any way to contact him. Am I legally obligated to pay his debt? What are my options? Also, what will happen if I pay Discover minimum payments while disputing the charges? What can they do to me if I refuse to pay at all? FYI: I am 35, remarried, with otherwise perfect and extensive credit history.

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