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I have it in writing....

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........Providian sold my account to Chase. Chase sent me notification of this on July 17, 2002. I attempt to make my payment via internet to Providian on the Due Date--August 15, and it shuts me out stating that I must contact Chase. I had no account number...nothing. Get a phone call from Chase Aug. 22...I'M LATE? I explain that I had not rec'd anything as of yet, but give pymt over the phone. Chase removes my late fee. Come Sept. - still no statement. I email Chase on Sept. 5 requesting acct #, etc. I say on the email that I will not make another pymt over the phone until I verify that my last pymt was credited correctly. I rec'd on Sept 26. And, I have a phone call on the 27th from Chase...I'M LATE. I explain again, again they removed the late fee...well they are suppose to. But $29.00 is the least of my concerns........................................................

I rec'd in writing the small booklet with the Privacy Notice from Chase. This arrived with the initial letter in July. It states in under New Terms: Existing Balances... "If you have balances with fixed rates applied to them on the effective date of this Notice, that rate will continue until you make all payments required under your present re-payment arrangements, you fail to honor your present re-payment obligations or your Account is re-opened."


My fixed interest rate with Providian was 6%.....it is now 19.99%.

Last week, I spent at least 2 1/2 hours talking to everyone, including 2 supervisors, at Chase. I explained that there MUST be some sort of mistake. No one there knew anything about this booklet sent out. Each and every rep. I talked with stated that they were told all terms were off from Providian, so basically they can do whatever they want. I did get two fax numbers to write a complaint to, but I was told that I simply had to live this.


Did I break this agreement in the process of the "changeover"?

What else was I suppose to do when Chase took over?

My new due date with Chase is the 10th, which means the late fee from August was already applied when I went to make my payment to Providian which was due on the 15th.

Am I crazy? Or Are they Crazy?

And...do you think that maybe they just withheld my stmts knowing that I would be late and would "break the agreement."?

Would Chase do something like that?

Do I have any legal grounds?


If I am stuck with this...maybe I should go with CCCS. Anyone know what interest would be dropped to with Chase? I heard 7%.

Any help is appreciated. I am in this to the end.

Peh/pa :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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I'd say you have legal grounds - you didn't do anything wrong, yet they jacked up your fee. Of course, the easy thing is to tell them to shove their freakin' credit card account and go elsewhere. Can you? (I mean is your credit good enough?)

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Admin, thanks for the reply.

I don't think that I am able to yet. Because my mortgage was tripled in the CR's postings and because this account through Provdian showed me as 180 days late 8 times,which is nuts!!!, my score is below 700. I have the mortgage corrected but cannot get Providian, which absolutely fell apart, and now Chase to correct.

When I first started trying to fix this, all of these scores were in the high 500 to low 600. A major drop from the year before when our scores where in the high 700s.

I am making progress, just not quick enough. Currently, Equi - 630 Exper. - 680, Trans - is around the same, haven't check this since June. My husbands scores are worse. Although they did correct both problems and the scores have come way up since June. The bizare part is when you check onto CreditExpert and Equifax's Credit Monitor - my husband has no negative items, long history, several mortgages as we have moved several times, been employed with the same company for 18 years - and yet a score of 619???. It makes me so mad! And Now, after having my auto for 8 years, we need to look at a new purchase. With trade in and about $5000 saved for this, I will still need to finance. I have found in the past 4 to 6 months that the scoring system is really set up to screw the consumer. We are just now in the middle of a re-finance and I don't want to go to the bank until all of that is completed. We have several properties so it is not a simple and quick process.

I thought about applying for a transfer, but I'm afraid to start trying to obtain new credit as I think all creditors really only look at the score.

I almost believe that the credit bureaus are in bed with the credit card companies. If everyone's score is kept way down....who's reaping???? Am I just bitter?

And, besides even if I can obtain a transfer - my credit report is still showing me with all of these lates.

I just put together all copies of my statements that show proof - and a letter to Chase and to the bureaus. The bureaus verified this as true with Providian - which is crap! This time I am sending copies of everything.

Am I taking the correct steps, or can you think of anything I am not doing? Any advice is welcomed.

Thanks....p/pa :notsure:

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If you are absolutely sure you were never late with Providian and you can show it (at least with a log book or journal of all your dealings and transactions), then you can get them on the grounds of violating the FCRA. So each late would be one violation potentially, or $8000. In addition, you can get punitive damages from them. My freind Antonio the lawyer says all you have to elicit from a judge or jury is the thought "oh My God, this is so Wrong!" and you have them. I think you're there, but you need some kind of documentation. I would seriously threaten a lawsuit, as you are actually being harmed. (I'm mostly referring to the lates, not the 19.99 interest).

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I spent the better part of this afternoon and just sent out (certified, return receipt) a letter to Chase Bank along with 19 pages of documentation. I am not sure; however, if I should address this again with the 3 bureaus. It has not been 60 days since the first investigation in which NONE of this was corrected. What do you think? Is this a case where it would be ok to throw out the 60 days?

As far as proof- YES! I am happy to state that I have all of my statements showing my payments, except one. This past June I made my payment and it was deducted from my bank account, but when the July statement arrived it had not been credited. I telephoned Providian and it promptly appeared on the August statement. I still feel that I would be ok as I would have my bank statement as proof. I also have 9 notebook pages of notes with people's names and dates of my struggle.

I just received my updated CR from Trans. Remember, they are the ones past the 30 days. I immediately saw that Providian had been deleted altogether - YIPEE.....but then I saw that all of the same information was still showing except it was under Chase. Joy shortlived!

And, I pulled up the PA Superior Court site and began to check into what procedure I would need to take. My neighbor was just sworn in as our District Justice. We are seeing them Friday night, and if appropriate; I would like to get his take on the situation.

All in all, though, is the decision of time. I have already spent HOURS on this computer trying to figure it out and then trying to correct. Do I take it to the next level, which will require more time? How long of a process is this? Although, it is amazing that these creditors do this!@! Just think of the many people out there who really just don't understand what is happening to them and maybe do not have the resources to fight it. It makes me sick!! My husband has quarterly meetings at the Capital (in PA). I just don't know who we could talk to--(our representatives? sorry...but they just don't seem to be the ones)

How do I calculate exactly what this has cost me? Especially if I can't figure out the scoring system.

And, one other question...who would I file against. ..Providian or Chase or the bureaus?

One thing for sure--there just has to be something done.

Thanks for the help


:confused: :confused: :notsure: :notsure: :notsure: :notsure: :)

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>>>>>You Said

..................."I would seriously threaten a lawsuit, as you are actually being harmed. (I'm mostly referring to the lates, not the 19.99 interest)."

I just saw the word "threaten". Do you think that would be effective? I'll do it in a heart beat, but I guess I think they will just roll their eyes. And, if I state it--then I had better be prepared to do it.

Tell me more of what YOU would do.


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I'd threaten to sue (which is all part of the lawsuit process, you have to show the judge you gave these guys time to respond and take action), then if you don't get what you want, I'd sue.

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