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Suing Collection Agency

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OK..the jerk offs that pulled my credit on three bureas.. Cavalry Investments also DBA Zirgo Acceptance wouldnt remove the inquiries from my reports.

So I am about to sue them for the violations of the FCRA.. 1000 per report.

Now my OTHER question is this..

Can I also sue them under the FDCPA for communication with a third party to collect a debt?

this might be skirting the law but it would be another grand..or three<giggles>

OK..if I WAS able to sue them under the FDCPA as well. .should I file one small claims case for FCRA violations..and one for FDCPA?? WOuld love some input on this one

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Well the most you can sue for at one time in Indiana Small claims is $3000.

That is why I asked about making a suit for the FCRA violations.

And CAN I sue them for communication with a third party about a debt?

They pulled my credit to find the hubby, would that count? Or would I just have the 3 violations of the FCRA?

Answer appreciated

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