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AU taking over cc acount

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What is the name of your state? California

I was the authorized user on my ex's account; we had an agreement I would pay off the account. After about 2yrs I get a letter from the CC fraud department stating that they were investigating my use of the account. My Ex was buying a house and had a lot of debt so he disputed this with the CC and to appease his new wife. She wants him to have no ties with me.

They then stated they wanted me to assume the responsibility of the account and wanted me to complete an application. Also, in the letter they said the account would be a billing only account and there would be no interest charged on the account. I wrote them a letter stating my ex and I had an agreement that I would be responsible for the account and that I would continue to pay on the account as per my agreement with my ex. I told them to send me an application and a letter re-stating that the account would not be charged interest and would consider assuming the account. The acount is in good standing and always has been.

I received the bill for the account the other day and they had transferred the account into my name. I didn't complete an application and did not in any way give them authorization to do this. I also checked my credit report and they had pulled my credit file. Based on the statment I got this is my account only and it has a new account number and is only in my name. I don't know how they could just remove him and make me primary w/o an application. I did tell them in my response to them that I had an agreement with my ex to pay the account and I would continue to do so. However, If they wanted me to assume the account they had to send me an application with the terms.

My question is can they just make me the sole owner of the account at will?

Can they pull my credit report even though I didn't complete an application and I am not their customer?

Do you think filing a complaint with the FTC would help?


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I'd be surprised if "express consent" is anything you have to worry about. You told your ex you'd make a payment on *her* card, and this was an agreement between you and and ex, not you and the credit card company. You don't assume ownership of an account simply because you're the one writing the check. I'm no expert, but I'd be surprised if Admin isn't totally right. Depending on how much time you have (if you need the account removed immediately, you may be more rushed), I'd suggest writing them a letter explaining that you did not agree to take the account, you did not give any "consent" (express OR implied) to take this debt, and that your agreement was with your ex to make HIS payment (i.e. you're writing the check, but it's certainly not your account). Let them know that you need immediate action, otherwise you'll see them in court!

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