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Can I still Sue?

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I have been dealing with a company that purchased a charged off credit card last year. In July I sent them a validation request, which they of course ignored. However, they did mark the trade line on my Trans-Union report as disputed, but failed to do so on my Experian report. In August I sent another letter requesting validation along with the original letter, and I also disputed this account with Trans-Union, and Experian. Both of which were verified as correct.

[TAB]In mid October, I sent Experian all of my validation requests, along with copies of the green card, etc. They told me that there was nothing they could do because the company was reporting back to them that the info was correct. I am assuming that Experian sent copies of all the info I sent them to the CA because I FINALLY received a response from them yesterday.

[TAB]In this response, they included a summary of the account information, and statements that cover 7 months of activity. I am satisfied with this as “Validation”, but there are several inaccuracies in their statements. They claim that the last posted payment was in, November 2002 (fictitious dates), but the account was charged off in September 2002. Also, according to the statements they provided me, the last payment was posted 6 months prior to charge off. Here is a list of items I would like to sue them over:


·[TAB]Continued to validate information with the both Trans-Union and Experian without responding to my validation request.

·[TAB]Failure to mark account as disputed with Experian.

·[TAB]Credit card account listed as “Installment Loan”, not “Revolving”.

·[TAB]Stated last payment was placed 2 months after the account was charged of when in fact they supplied me with documents that show the last payment was made 6 moths prior to being charged off.


·[TAB]Failure to remove disputed accounts from my credit files after 30 days without validation.

·[TAB]Failure to notify me the within 30days of my initial request what the outcome of their investigation was.

·[TAB]Failure to submit a corrected copy of my credit report to all persons who previously received a copy that contained the disputed information. (This is required by law, I don’t have to request it)

Also, I currently have a request submitted with the Secretary of State to find out whether not they are bonded with the state or not. Can I sue them for the same violations, just under different statutes? For example, can I sue for both federal and state violations for failure to mark the account as disputed?

They have finally validated the debt as mine, but it took them 4 moths to do so. In that 4-month time frame, they violated MANY of my rights. I can still sue them for the violations even though they validated right? I have monthly copies of my credit reports that go back to August, and show the accounts listed as I mentioned above. Any information or guidance provided will be greatly appreciated.


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illegally operating, hmm, file complaints with every govt agency your mind can conceive,bring it to the attention of your local post master,IRS,(possible tax evasion) also, if they email you one shred of paperwork, then you can report them to the IFCC which is a joint venture of the fbi and the white collar crime center. If you play your fish right, you can pull it in.

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