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Where can I find??

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I am trying to find out if my state is a "community property state" & has laws on homestead exemption.

I know it is written in the state laws somewhere but I dont konw which subject to search under to find out about these laws.

Can you tell me please?

I am specifically trying to find out if a CA can report my husbands medical bills on my credit report.

Is there any laws i can read or research on regarding CA's and medical bill reporting.

Does it automatically go on the policy holders credit report, or should it go on a individual basis? :confused:

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Then you should be able to get it taken off.

The trick,apparently, with insurance policy-holders and medical bills is that when you give a doctor's office, hospital, etc. your insurance information, it is implied that the insurance is going to pay all or most of the bill. That's how the policy-holder gets held liable for the bill.. if its your policy and the insurance didn't pay, then the facility sends the bill to the policy holder. The person who was treated or who signed whatever paperwork doesn't always get stuck with the bill.

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