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"fast track" and "Bullseye" and "Ra

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Hello to all,

I recently hired Lexington Law Firm to help me dispute/delete negetive items on my credit report. My credit isn't great with a FICO of 594 but I did get approved for a mortgage with 95%LTV. In the numerous applications, and mortgage processes I was told there is a service some mortgage companies use to improve credit scores for applicants. I was told by all of them that it was expensive, and definitely a last resort. They referred to them as; "fasttrack" or "Rapid Rescore" and "Bullseye" I fortunately didn't have to use them, but would have gladly. I am taking the most proactive approach I can in disputing my derogetory information, and the law firm I hired helps put a little more ooomph behing my efforts. But I wonder if it wouldn't be easier on the heart if not the pocketbook to enlist one of these "services" above. Has anyone tried them?

Thanks for letting me join.

ChurchMouse (as in poor as...)

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