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Should I sue?

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From everything I've read on this board, as well as others, I've gotten mixed responses.

I have a debt showing on my Experian report for $250. For the past four months, I have sent the CA 3 certified letters asking for validation, and 1 with intent to sue. All letters have been ignored.

I have made a parellel effort with Experian, with many disputes. They keep telling me that the CA is verifying my debt, but they are very reluctant to give me specific details on how they verified the debt.

I am considering bringing this to small claims...however, is it really worth it? I've been reading that if I bring it to court, chances are the CA will verify the debt to the judge, and the judge will rule in the CA's favor.

Also, how would I prove my injury? I have not been denied credit, and the CA is not pursue collection actions against me.

I'm wondering if it would just be better to pay the $250 to the CA, and at least have the referance on my report show $0 balance.

Thanks for any help.

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A paid collection is just as bad as a collection. As soon as you pay it, you lost a lot of leverage. If you are going to pay it, make sure they agree to delete the entire entry on your report and make sure you have this in writing before paying.

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