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If validation letter has been sent and not been PROPERLY responsed to in the form of a signed agreement, etc., they are in violation. You can now send letter to all CRA's and request to have them remove the items. Save your return receipt! I would recommend faxing that gives you a transmission report. The CRA must send you documents upon any re-investigation that supports the reported items.

The original creditor (at least in CA) is the only one that can file for judgment. The C/A can do it if the debt has not been sold to the C/A.

Might also check your Statute of Limitations for your state. If the time has run out, oh well....they sat on their rights. Make sure you DO NOT verify the debt as yours or agree to pay on the account, otherwise the clock will start over again. THEY have to validate the debt as yours, not you. Make sure you sent a proper VALIDATION letter. If you did and they didn't respond, read 1st paragraph of this post.

Good Luck.

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