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Admin - anyone need help on this one for dede

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Original post is in cards in bottom section:


I am new here and this is my first post. I have a question for whomever can answer it.

I have good credit. No negatives...my score is anywhere from 680-720 depending upon the reporting agency. I have several credit accounts all in good standing. One of my credit cards...GM card notified me today by letter that they were raising my interest rate from 14 % to 24.9 % because...get a load of this...I purchased items off the internet using Paypal and someone might steal my number therefore I am considered high risk. (If you don't already know paypal is owned by ebay and most people who buy things from ebay use paypal.). Is this legal. I know that it is immoral, but is it legal? I told them that I will not pay one dime of it and if they take me to court I will countersue for damages. It is a big deal though because I will be sacraficing a good credit score for the principal of the thing. Any suggestions???


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