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what to do?

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I had this charge card,so did my husband.They were seperate accounts.We both opened them on the same day.02/1994.The accounts were both charged off,capital one Im assuming they bought these accounts,not sure,but they were reporting them.Now the orignal creditor is off our credit report and so is capital one now.But now its re-reported again with bonded collectors of largo.I only have a toll free # for them.I called and told the guy these accounts were discharged 12/1999 through chapter 7.Heres another thing both accounts re-aged new open date of 02/2002? and mine went from $400 to $710 hubbys has stayed the same $105.I told him they cannot re-age these accounts,he says there not.He also said their not reporting them,I said yes you are Im looking at the report right now.Should I just send a debt validation letter? I can sue them already right?Now I have tried finding their address,but I dont even know where their located..Help please,I want to get these guys but I dont want to screw it up..Thanks--Kelly

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