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Broke an apartment lease

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Well, I know this is kind of stupid to ask

after the fact but I don't think it's too

late to try and settle.

I broke a lease in September, with 7 months

left. The

lease had a buy-out clause of two months

rent. I paid

for October and asked them if they would

accept this

Oct. payment and my security deposit as the

buy-out since two months rent and the deposit

was actually 3 months not 2. Obviously they

said no and threatened legal action. I have

left the apartment in better condition than

they presented it to me. I paid for

advertising to rerent it, no luck. Units have


vacant in this building for 5 months or more

prior due to maintenance issues, disgusted

tenants leaving, etc.

However, I think they may have finally

rerented my apt. since they are no longer

running an ad for my size apt. which if I

call I doubt they will admit.

I would like to settle somehow (at the least

cost if possible) and am wondering what the

best course of action would be. I am worried

about how damaging this

(2 months unpaid rent) looks on what was once

an excellent credit rating.

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Contact the owner of the property and explain the circumstances of your lease-break or you can simply wait and see if they turn it over to a collector. Prepaid legal services are good for this sort of thing. Or, contact someone in your local AG's office for opinion. A lawsuit resulting in a judgment isn't likely to happen.

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