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Account transferred?

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I am about to sue NCO/Medclr for various violations-most obvious of which i sthat NCO is collecting under a different name-Medclr.

The name Medclr appears on the credit file but the address and telephone number when called - belong to NCO. All correspondence regardingth account came from NCO who have failled to provide the legally required validation for this alleged debt- ( Hosital bill that I cannot recall) all written correspondence come from NCO and I am directed to send my validation request to NCO Besides this glaring violation they have continued to report the account without validating it as well as they have caused me to be denied credit and increased cc fees.

NCO does not have offices in my state - but Medclr does ( They claim that it is the marketing department of Medclr)in my state and as such I will have to send the suit to NCO's registered agent. Just as a precaution I called them up to seeif they were still handling the account- I was informed that the account had been transferred to GOLD KEY Credit.

They Gold Key credit do not appear on my credit file, only Medclr does. Medclr also present the collection as a revolving account as if they were the original creditor.

My question is this, though I have been informed via telephone that the account was transferred to Gold Key- which I know is just another front for NCO, do still file suit against NCO as it is Medclr/NCo that appears on my file.

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If all these CAs are connected, you could have a suit against all 3, here is a link to a court case, its in pdf file,read all the case, the info regarding "partners" is on page 15 or 16 I believe


United States Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit

Elizabeth Peter vs.

G.C. Services LP

DLS Enterprise Inc.

GFC Financial Corporation

You may also learn more by searching and finding the other case cites in this case.

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