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limit on attorney fees judgment?

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Did you not show up for court? The worst you can do is not show up to at least try. I'm so sorry for the garnishment. I've gone through one and am still paying on the student loan for the other. Student loan garnishment is a whole different story. Look back to some thread on garnishments, there was some good advise on how not to have it happen right away (Lady in Red?). It really hurts to have your hard earned wages attached when you have to feed your family. Terrible that a debt can more than double when you couldn't pay it in the first place. Need to get some different laws passed on that. I'm much more aware of Legislation and politics because it's the average wage earner without any know-how that gets the shaft. Best wishes.

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i didnt show up for court, i forgot

since it was on jan. 2nd.

plus i had already made a out of court agreement with the oc verbally

in there offices.

i offered 1,000$ she said 750$ would be fine and her boss agreed.

so i come back monday with the cash

and she says she wants 1600$ after she talked to the attorneys.

i said screw you guys and i get a wage attachement.

is a wage attachement before taxes?

or after?

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