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HELP! one day i decided to check my credit report and found a judgement against me for medical bills, amounting to 1122. i was never served and had no idea that this even existed. i called the person who was suing me and the said that if i pay 857, then they will call the collection agency and settle.

my ultimate question is how can i get this judgement off of my credit report, especially being that i was never served.

warmest regards!

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What you NEED to do is call the courthouse and get copies of the judgment and copies of the 'proof of service'. This will tell you how/when/where they supposedly served you. Be aware that in many states, if the summons isn't returned, it is considered 'served'. Service can also be done by 'publication' - meaning they post a notice in the newspaper where your last known address was. This in iteself constitutes proper service -although I think its ludicrous in this day and age.

So, you need the proof of service and the laws on service of process in that state to know whether you stand a chance of challenging the judgment based on improper service.

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