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CA confusion

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I have written about this problem before. A CA sent me a letter 12/5/02 stating I owed a total of $4495.53(includes total amt due $3625.43, filing fees $100, attorney fee $725.10, service fee$45.00, total $4495.53..this is what they state). I was confused because the total is more than the total amt due.In addition, they hilighted $3625.43. This claim initially referenced 2 towing companies.CRA lists me as owing $1500 credit limit and recent balance $1586 as of 4/20/02. On 1/4/03, I sent my first DV letter. I just realized..the post office did not stamp the green card. The person who signed the card signed for 1/6/03. I received my 2nd letter from CA 1/8/03(They validated in 2 days?..impossible). They informed me that one tow comp. was removed from the list.Enclosed in the same envelope, I received a letter dated 1/7/03 which claimed they sent info that verify's my debt (I received what they called DV which included a copy of an invoice from a tow bill, a copy of a notice of pending lien for a vehicle valued $4000 or less, a copy of a DMV vehicle registration for Vin/Lic request. On 1/17/02I sent another letter claiming they failed or refused to provide the requested validation etc..(I also sent a creditor Disclosure statement which claimed their request could not be considered if any portion of the form was not filled out. On 1/23/03,I received a letter stating they fulfilled their obligation for DV on 1/7/03(the date the letter was written(they put 1/7/03 in envelope with letter from 1/6/03).The CA states "DMV has my name as the registered owner, when the vehicle was towed, I was sent a pending lien sale notice,and I was provided options from the tow company." They claim that I ignored the notice. I now have a deadline Feb. 5th and no later to set up arrangements.I was provided copies from the CA on the previous paperwork on 1/7/03 along with an addition of a copy stamped 10/11/02 from the tow company with 15 postage and fee charges? One seemed to be crossed out. The copy listed my name and address. I never received anything.The CA also listed a Cert. of Lien Sale copy.

Do you think they validated? They never answered or returned my Creditor Disclosure Statement which clearly stated their claim could not be considered if the form was not returned completed with the requested documents.I still do not know how much is owed.

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