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served by mail? Case Management? They havent validated

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Ill try to make this simple. credit card debt for about $3500. Not past SOL.

Dec 15-

Received call from CA lawyer representing Houshold bank, telling me they were sueing me and I better pay up.

Dec.17- I recieve the official letter with 30 day notice thing.

Dec 18-I express mail Registered validation Letter.

Dec 20- They sign for the Registered Mail validation letter I sent

Dec 23- They send another collection notice,

Jan 6 ---I recieve a form letter from 3rd party lawyer saying im being sued and he can help me. he notes the case number and that it was filed in court on December 31.

jan 13-I resend the verification letter with registered receipt.

jan 20-I recieve a 2nd letter from the 3rd party lawyer, saying "By now you should have been served" and he can help..etc.

jan 25-CA lawyer send via regular mail a document with a "proof of service -by mail" a "NOTICE OF CASE MAGEMENT REVIEW"

--Its a photocopied form from the court stamped january 3, 2003

this trust of it is this...

" NO APPEARANCE IS NECESSARY. the court will set any future hearings/required actions, based on the case management review set fpr 6/03/03..etc.

A case Management Statement must be filed at least 15 days prior to case mangement Review date....."

wtf? can somebody please tell me whats going on.....?

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I havent called the court yet, but it IS stamped by a clerk of the court.

So, what is a Case Management Statement and why does it say "No Appearance is Nescessary"?

Im in California. This is not a notice to appear. I cant afford a lawyer, can somebody tell me what this means?

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Elvis, I'm not sure what other forum your questions are being answered in, so I'll post my $.02 here.

Based on what you've stated, you could easily become the new owner of the CA, as they would have to sell their business just to pay all the judgements you can get against them.

Also, consider re-wording your correspondence to the CA. I am 99.9% sure who you're dealing with, and I got them to remand my entire file back to the OC (and issue me a written apology) after just one letter.

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