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This one needs some extra minds....

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Case scenerio background:

Great Western Savings & Loan Association is MERGED with

Washinton Mutual Bank in 1996. In 1997 Washington Mutual

deletes the Great Western name. In other words Great Western

became Washington Mutual (one of many takeovers by WaMu)

Problem: Student loan servicer (ACS) had Great Western as

the client. ACS has screwed up reporting of student loan.

ACS thinks it can "correct" it rather than delete it (as if Great

Western is a current client). Washington Mutual uses

Sallie Mae-not ACS as loan servicer. WaMu agrees with us that this

should simply be deleted (has even written letter.) ACS doesn't seem to

get that fact that they don't have a client.

Question: Can ACS decide what and how they report?

My opinion: Washington Mutual is the original creditor since

Great Western was merged with them--WaMu did not buy

the student loan--it became their student loan. WaMu

should have the authority to tell Experian to delete the item.

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