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I was served a few weeks ago with papers from the court saying I was being sued over some medical bills for my wife and children. Most of the bills where for my wife which I was separated from during the time of the bills. Now I retained an attorney in this matter. She requested proof of the debt and we received a statement from the suing attorney showing the hospital’s itemized bill with my wife’s name at the top and a bunch of service "so called rendered services" there are no signatures or SS numbers nothing other than her or my children’s names on this "proof". My attorney seems to think that is enough "is it"? Second I have been reading about how a collection agency can not sue you unless they own the debt. They did not show proof of being the owner of the debt and according to this site they can not try to collect from me. As of right now they are asking me to provide proof that I was indeed separated from my wife at the time of the bill.

What can I do here?


The bills where incured in OR and I live in WA which is where the Judgement is filed.

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Medical debt is easy to validate. Billions of dollars flow from insurance companies to health care providers on the strenght of a computer printout with reason codes every year. What are you going to do? Deny they were hospitalized?

Standing in court varies from state to state. I'd say ask you lawyer about the law in your state.

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