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How do I file late answer to complaint

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Does anyone know how to file a defendant's answer to a motion late ? I just went to the courthouse and saw the file pertaining to my case. I am being sued by a CA. The clerk told me that I never filed an answer to the complaint inwith the court and that I need to file a motion to file an answer late. I need to set it up for a Tues. or Fri. at 10am. I need to give 7 days notice to the CA's attorney. I never filed with the court because I am stupid and did not know I had to file with the court. I did send an answer to the CA's attorney when I was served. I told the CA's attorney that this was not my account and requested validation, which I still have not recieved. The only thing in the file at the court house was the summons and copy of the complaint. There has been no court date set yet. The clerk advised me to file this motion to answer the complaint late as soon as possible because they could get a default judgement. If anyone knows how to go about doing this and what I need to say in this document or a web site where I could get info on how to do this I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advance for any help you may have!

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