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Another Victim

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I stumbled upon this site when doing a search for complaints and/or warnings about "ClearCredit.com". It is a wonderful board!

I have learned so much reading other member's predicament and advices.

My situation is no majorly different:

I applied for a loan from my credit union and was denied. The loan officer was kind enough to provide me with a copy of the CR on the spot and explained the reason for the denial. I was denied because of a judgement.

The judgement was originally sent/served to the same house number but different street altogether (I lived at 2930 XYZ Street; it was sent to 2930 NOP Street) thus I was not aware of the suit and not able to defend myself. I contacted the city and was furnished with a copy of the suit. It was for the difference of a repo of a convertible Jaguar plus attorney's fees. My information was filled in the dealer's application and signed...but definitely not my hand writing or signature.

The mystery was solved when I saw the signature--pretty much a cursive writing--it belonged to a cellular phone sales rep that I had obtained my cell phone from. I returned to the place of business that he worked at and of course he has left town. His employer knew exactly why I was looking for him because he had done it to other people as well. He gave me the last known address and phone number for the guy but he's no where to be found.

My question is: How do I go about disputing this judgement? Start with the car finance company? The dealership? Get hand writing samples from this unscrupulous salesman -- I am sure he had left some behind with his former employer -- to prove that the application was initiated from him?

By the way, the judgement was for $90K!!!

Thank you for your time.

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Would definitely check back with the former employer - see if you can get 2 or 3 notarized statements from them about this guy's MO for ripping people off. Along with copies of his signature.

Definitely file a police report - provide the notarized statements along with copy of signature for their records. Get copy of the police report.

Contact the court house to get the creditors info - send the creditor a dispute including the police report and notarized info for their records. Tell them there has been a mistake, this is not your account and Docket # judgment has been filed against you.

Also at the court house, let the clerk know that you want the paperwork for getting the judgment dismissed or vacated. Include copies of all relevant information here as well.

Dispute with the credit reporting agencies also supplying this information.

If you cover ever possible angle - this should resolve the matter, as quickly as possible.

Was this just the one item on your credit report? or do you see anything else? Other creditors or personal information not belonging to you. Be sure to dispute everything you know is not yours.

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