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I purchased a house with another individual, and then moved out, the house was in both names, the other individual let the house get foreclosed on. It has already been sold at a sherriff's auction. Can anything come to me to get money that is back owed on the house, even after it has been sold? Thank for any help

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You have not presented enough facts for anyone to properly respond. It may help you, however, to know what some of the legal issues will likely be:

1. If you were married to this individual, and are now divorced, what does the decree say about the division of the home?

2. If you were not married to this individual, were you equally responsible for the debt? Did you do anything after you moved out to relieve yourself of any liability for the loan?

3. Were you are party to the foreclosure action? Were there any orders in that action that affect your rights?

4. Was there indeed a deficiency after the foreclosure sale? Was there an order directing that the deficiency be paid by you and/or the other individual?

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In answer to your questions, No I was not married to the indivudual with whom I purchased the house. No I did not do anything to relieve me of the debt. I am equally responsible for the house.

I'm not sure what you mean by me being a party to the foreclosure. The foreclosure is listed on my credit record, but no I have never recieved any papers about the foreclosure. In fact the only way I knew about it was from the ad in the newspaper. I hope these answers help.

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The posting in the paper satisfies the burden of noticing you if they were unable to locate you for service.

What he means by "party to the foreclosure" -- Were you named in the foreclosure action?

"Parties" or "Party" is legalese for one of the sides of a proceeding, transaction, or agreement. (i.e. Plaintiff or Defendant, Creditor or Debtor, Seller or Buyer)

Answering CALawyer's questions 2-4 with a little more detail will help establish some facts to ponder upon.

Hit the 'quote' button on his message, delete the extraneous stuff and put your answers underneath each one of his questions.


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<blockquote>Originally posted by calawyer


1. No I was not married to this person who i purchased the house with

2. Yes we were equally liabiable for the debt, and no i didn't do anything to change this after I left.

3. Yes I was a party to the foreclosure, 4. I don't know if any money was owed after the foreclosure, How do i find this out?

Thanks again


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