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What info do I have to provide?

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I emailed Transouth over a week ago regarding a repo . I gave them ny name,addy and the acct# as listed on my CR. There reply was to ask for my ssn whcih I refused. We have 2 or 3 emails back and forth where I declined giving them that and them INSISTING they cannot verify the acct without it. Is there any regulations or laws out there stating what I have/dont have to provide in order for them to research this request.

sample of 1 of the emails explaining there requirements:

Dear Mr. Knoxpk

We certainly understand why you would be reluctant to provide your social security number. However, to research your request, we must have this number. If you prefer not to provide this information, then you will need to dispute this account thru the credit bureaus.


TranSouth and Arcadia Financial

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